I get a lot of questions about running and walking training plans. It might be helpful to find them all in one place. This is by no means an exhaustive resource list, just some of my tried and true favorites. Personal motivation and success in sticking to a fitness regimen directly reflects how enjoyable you find the exercise activity.

Event or Mileage Training programs should be progressive in nature. Rest and recoery days are key for all athletes and cross training regimens are essential to training to prevent injury in the long run.

Beginner 5K and 10K Plans

Training Apps and Programs to keep you engaged and coming back for more! These game/story based apps are awesome and a great break from podcasts and playlists. They are walk/run and seek games! Walking and running do not have to be huge mileage only undertakings, your workout can also be a chance to escape daily stress and reconnect with your body.

OPP Syndrome: Mine vs. Yours