About Jo Blackerby


  I’m Joanne Blackerby. A tenured fitness professional and integrative wellness expert, I help my clients identify and travel clear pathways to their physical and personal fitness goals. Physical health, personal fitness and life balance intersect and inform our personal quality of life. I work with you discover what You are really wanting. I am a nationally recognized  fitness professional, health coach, goal guider, brain clearer, vision framer and educator, writer, Mom to 3 kids, and 3 dogs.

I know all about life stress and cluttered minds! And I know how confusing nutrition and exercise can be. I love decluttering bodies and minds because, trust me, I know that a clear mind is key to a healthy body. I help men, women, families and kids to chart their course to a better, happier, clearer body, mind and life.  

Personal fulfillment and success is dependent on knowing who you are, and what you want. Every road will take you somewhere, but you just might not end up where you want to be. Seeking clarity? I can help.